Make openWMail better

Help make openWMail even better by contributing

openWMail wasn't created by a company, nor does it have a team that works on it 24/7, it was created by a passionate individual, and then forked and continued by the open source community! You can help make openWMail even better by contributing, even just once!

There are loads of ways you can contribute to the project, whether you're a coder, an internet surfer or a warlock

Spread the word

Know somebody else who might like to use openWMail? If you're a blogger write an article about openWMail and spread the word. If you need any information about the project or the people behind it get in touch

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Report a bug or Request a Feature

Found something that doesn't quite work like it should? You can open an issue on the Projects GitHub page or add more information to someone elses issue. Make sure you provide as much information as possible and the steps that I can take to reproduce the bug

Raise an issue

Help other users

If you have a spare few minutes why not take a look at the open isues on GitHub? Maybe you can help another user, confirm that a bug exists or test that a bug works in different environments. (e.g. on a different Operating System). Helping to provide more information about bugs makes them easier to resolve

Help manage some open issues

Contribute some code

Found a typo? Want to add a feature? Want to fix a bug? Then open a pull request, no matter how small! If you're not sure where to start or even what to start on but want to get involved, reach out and we can talk code.

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Contribute in another way

Think you can add some sparkle to some graphics? Found a spelling mistake? Think there's a section missing on this page? Reach out and get in touch. It would be great to hear from you!

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Wow you made it this far? Maybe there's a typon on this page you could help with