openWMail Privacy Policy

openWMail gladly respects your privacy and will always look forward to having a great relationship with the community. Here’s the list of information that is collected about you.

Using the app

No personal information, usage information/analytics, or information about your emails are collected.

openWMail provides access to Google services such as Gmail in a similar way to your web browser. The information that they collect is separate from any information that openWMail collects. Their privacy policy can be found here

Reporting a bug

When reporting a bug/issue, you are using Github therefore the information they collect about you is different and can be found on their Privacy Policy page. If you’re using Github Enterprise, that policy can be found, here.

Contacting the Developer

There are those times when you will need to contact the developer, in which you will fill out the “contact us” form instead. Though this usually isn’t the case, some contact information is needed to contact you back.